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Fighting Wolverines

Godwin Heights High School & Middle School


Fighting Wolverines

Godwin Heights High School & Middle School

Fighting Wolverines

Godwin Heights High School & Middle School

Fighting Wolverines

Godwin Heights High School & Middle School

Featured Athletes

Marquis English

2.0 years ago

Outstanding Spring Male Athlete 2021-22

Track - Marquis English

Marquis English is a ball of joy to coach. He leads by being consistent always having a positive attitude and brings joy to the team with his smile and bright personality. He works hard to learn his craft and is coachable. He always supports his fellow athletes and is willing to help when and wherever he can. 

~Coach King

Jenna Reich

2.0 years ago

Outstanding Spring Female Athlete 2021-22

Softball - Jenna Reich

Jenna is a 4-year softball player and has played Varsity all 4 years (with the exception of the COVID). Jenna is a fantastic example of what it means to be a leader in a team setting. Not only does she encourage her teammates and tutor others, but she also leads the team in our stretches, telling others where to go with the ball, and completing her school work in a timely manner. Jenna works extremely hard at anything that she puts her mind to. Once she sets a goal, she will go above and beyond to attain it. Jenna plays softball year-round as a part of a travel team to improve her skills. The amount of work that she puts in on and off the field are apparent when you see her in action. Jenna is an exemplary student, completing a college English class, working, playing softball, and managing to maintain a 3.9343 GPA. I cannot say enough great things about Jenna. She truly deserves this honor.


~ Coach Wolf

Logan Hagen

2.0 years ago

Outstanding Winter Male Athlete 2021-22

Bowling - Logan Hagen

  • Senior
  • 4th and final year on the Godwin Varsity Team
  • G.P.A. 4.0
  • Kent Career Technical Center IT Program

Logan was extremely helpful in teaching the newer players the basics of bowling etiquette, and took on a captain role without being asked. Working part-time and taking dual enrollment classes; his grades have not been affected and neither has his engagement and commitment to the bowling team.



~Coach Jordan

KaShari Babb

2.0 years ago

Outstanding Winter Female Athlete 2021-22

Basketball - KaShari Babb

KaShari is a great athlete and by far one of the most coachable players to also go through Godwin. She is great on the floor and in the classroom. KaShari is our captain and leader on floor; she plays the whole game directing traffic and making our team go. She is our top leader in scoring and assist thus far this season. KaShari averages a 3.4 in the classroom and 12 pts a game. She is definitely a memorable player and impacted this program greatly. I can't wait to see what her senior year holds. 



~ Coach Chan

Stacy Delgado

3.0 years ago

Outstanding Fall Female Athlete 2021-22

Volleyball - Stacy Delgado

Stacy is a 4-year volleyball player and was on Varsity for 2 years and is the Captain of the volleyball team this year. Stacy truly exemplifies what it means to be a student athlete here at Godwin. Stacy is someone who works hard each and every day and gives 100% in practice and in games. She encourages her teammates on and off the court and is positive and encouraging to everyone on the team. Stacy has evolved so much in 4 years, from being a freshman who barely played, to being a starter on Varsity who is 2nd on the team in kills, Stacy has worked hard and given a lot to the program, her coaches and teammates. I can’t say enough great things about how great Stacy is and she is very deserving of this award!


~ Coach Jelke

Omar Gonzalez-Martinez

3.0 years ago

Outstanding Fall Male Athlete 2021-22

Soccer - Omar Gonzalez-Martinez

Omar Gonzalez has been a standout for the Godwin varsity soccer team. He is a natural leader to his fellow teammates. Omar is the team captain. He has played on the varsity soccer team for all four years of his high school soccer career. Omar has proven he is a great player for the varsity team by earning All-Conference and All District awards for the last 4 years. Omar was selected as the Most Valuable Player on the team by his teammates for the last three years. He has proven to be a great asset to the team both on and off the field. He encourages teammates and gives them positive feedback. Omar always displays great sportsmanship while on and off the field. 


~ Coach Villafuerte